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Melanoma accounts for the majority of skin cancer deaths and early diagnosis provides the best possible chance of complete cure. 

Early identification and treatment can be significantly assisted by regular skin monitoring particularly for those at increased risk. However, the long waiting times to see a specialist can delay the early diagnosis and timely treatment of melanoma, which on occasions will impact on long term survival.

With this in mind, we have set up "Skin Search"- a screening programme which provides skin examination and digital skin imaging, digital lesion diagnosis, biopsy and treatment as appropriate.

SKIN SEARCH offers the following levels of service:

  1. Thorough skin examination by a highly trained medical practitioner (non dermatologist)

  2. Biopsy and or removal of suspicious lesions

  3. Monitoring of lesions, where appropriate, by digital dermoscopic imaging

  4. Total body digital photography

  5. Further management of complex cases is achieved by on referral to appropriate specialists.

All images (dermoscopic and total body) are assessed by dermatologist Dr Tim Elliott and a written report is provided along with any recommendations.  This report can also be sent to your own GP, dermatologist or other specialist as required.

No referrals are necessary for this service, and more information can be found by visiting 

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